Electronics is without a doubt one of the branches of  technology that has most rapidily evolved through history.

If we put the starting point in 1948 with the discovery of the transistor, ten years later the first integrated circuit and twenty on from, in 1970, the first microprocessor was manufactured. Advances in other fields of similar importance have needed many  more centuries.

Electronics is present in almost all activities in our daily life. Almost all the means suround us are based on major or minor measure in electronic circuits. To such a point that it´s paractically imposible to find a a field in any industry whwrw it does not play a fundamental role.

To assure the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes is indispensable to assure  the functionality, effectiveness and reliability of electronic means on which these processes rest.

E&C is a project wich is being created by a group of people who have dedicated great part of their professional life to the world of industrial electronics. Only experts with proven track record can offer customers the services they need: manufacturing, design, industrialization, preventive services or management, among others.

The knowledge, experience and quality of work done by our professionals makes E&C could offer the integral  management that the company needs in the field of electronics and communications.

We know that the client needs partners who can be trusted, contribute to solutions and that keep them informed  in a constant and trustworthy way.

E&C offers  services of quuality, procedures that are totally worthy and functional at solving repetitive problems…and perhaps one of the most important, being a company of full confidence for our clients.