Industrialisation of New Equipment

Starting from the definitive design data for the new equipment, we will write all your technical documentation, the manufacturing documentation and processes will be defined.

At E&C we manufacture the Pre-series. This manufacturing process results in final products to all intents and purposes. If the client so demands, we will include the brand image in the final product.

Industrialising a piece of equipment means:

  • Writing the industrial documentation.
  • Defining quotations for its serial manufacturing.
  • Product traceability software.
  • Designing the tools that may be required for the assembly of the equipment.
  • Designing and Assembling of the Test Bed to ensure the functionality of the manufactured equipment.
  • Designing the tools required for its installation and maintenance.
  • Manufacturing the Pre-series.
  • As a final step, validating the above. Tools and documentation.

Commitment from start to finish

In developing each project, we work alongside the client; we contribute to the establishing of the initial requirements as well as to each and every phase along the project until the completion of the process. But our commitment does not end there. We provide support to the client throughout the service life of the product.